HCI is bring sexy back to SATA SSDs

In just a few weeks, VxRail will be coming out with a new SATA based SSD options to go along with the new models built on Dell EMC’s new 14G PowerEdge servers. Now, some of you maybe saying, "Wait a minute Nathan. Isn't that a step back for SSDs?” Well, you aren't wrong but you’re not completely right, let me explain. With every update of VxRail, it [...]

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The 6 Types of Data Science Tools

There are six categories most data science tools fall into. I have done some research into a few of the popular ones within each category of third-party tools. I tried to [...]

Different Data, New Challenges

There are three different categories that can be used to categorize data: Structured Data is normally organized into rows and columns. The most popular form of structured [...]

A Data Scientist’s must be business focused

Some people believe that a Data Scientist is just there to crunch as much data as he can to harvest new information from old data. While this is partly true, the results must [...]

SimpliVity vs VxRail

With the new Launch of VxRail there has been a lot of talk about how it compares to some of the other Hyper-Converged players in the market. Since I have some old friends and [...]

VxRail vs HyperFlex

HyperFlex Is the latest hyper-converged offering to come to the market and it comes by the way of Cisco and a startup called Springpath. Hyperflex bundles the Springpath [...]

Cisco Hyperflex Announcement

Cisco just announced HyperFlex, a hyper-converged appliance based on its partnership with Springpath, a software-based hyper-converged infrastructure startup company. [...]