Storage infrastructure in IT refers to the overall set of hardware and software components needed to facilitate storage for a system.

How to get performance data from a First Generation VNXe

How to get performance data from a First Generation VNXe (VNXe3100, VNXe 3150, or VNXe3300) You will need the SPCollects from the VNXe (Instructions here). [...]

VNX OE for Block (Salmon River)

VNX OE for Block (Salmon River) was just released with some major improvements to the VNX2. I have laid out some notes from the announcement [...]

VNXe 3.1.1 software update: KittyHawk+

The VNXe3200 is finally getting some much needed enhancements. On January 27th, EMC will put out the latest 3.1.1 code update for the VNXe. Here are some of [...]

IBM Storwize V7000 vs EMC VNX5400

I have seen a lot of debate lately over which big blue storage vender puts out a better box, IBM or EMC. I am definitely a huge EMC fan and felt compelled to [...]

How well do virtual environments really dedupe?

With the advent of Flash Storage, the new buzz term is "deduplication". This is the best way to fit a large amount of VM data in a very small capacity flash [...]


First off, let me just say i am a HUGE VMware fan. I am even a VCP myself. I think they are a great company with incredible product offerings. A few months ago [...]