Software-Defined Data Center

A Software-Defined Data Center architecture brings together compute, storage, networking virtualization and management offerings, a unified hybrid cloud lets you rapidly develop, automatically deliver and manage all of your enterprise applications, no matter where they reside, from one, unified platform.

VNXe 3.1.1 software update: KittyHawk+

The VNXe3200 is finally getting some much needed enhancements. On January 27th, EMC will put out the latest 3.1.1 code update for the VNXe. Here are some of [...]

IBM Storwize V7000 vs EMC VNX5400

I have seen a lot of debate lately over which big blue storage vender puts out a better box, IBM or EMC. I am definitely a huge EMC fan and felt compelled to [...]

What I know about VMware vSphere 6

Though VMware did not formally announce vSphere 6 they did announce the beta release. Here are some of the features teased in this upcoming release. Fault [...]

Ceph: Open-Source Software Defined Storage

I have been trying to look into all the large open-source players out there recently in the cloud space. There is one name keeps popping up, Ceph. Ceph is a [...]

Kaminario: Small Company, Powerful Product

Never heard of Kaminario? Neither has most of the world. Kaminario is a small All-Flash Array manufacture out of Newton, MA.  This storage company is [...]

VMworld 2014 Announcements Roundup

Here is a roundup of all the new stuff announced at VMworld 2014 in San-Francisco (Aug 25-28th). EVO-RAIL: (available 14Q4) You can read all about this [...]