Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure is the combination of compute, network, and storage resources in a data center so ease the management and minimize compatibility issues between servers, storage systems and network devices.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s HC 380 – New dog, old tricks

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced the newest addition to their StorVirtual line up last month. The new HyperConverged 380 (HC 380) is dubbed the [...]

SimpliVity vs VxRail

With the new Launch of VxRail there has been a lot of talk about how it compares to some of the other Hyper-Converged players in the market. Since I have some [...]

VxRail vs HyperFlex

HyperFlex Is the latest hyper-converged offering to come to the market and it comes by the way of Cisco and a startup called Springpath. Hyperflex bundles the [...]

Cisco Hyperflex Announcement

Cisco just announced HyperFlex, a hyper-converged appliance based on its partnership with Springpath, a software-based hyper-converged infrastructure startup [...]

VxRail Licensing Explained

VCE had their big launch of VxRail last month. This is their first real step into the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure market (Just like EMC, I am pretending [...]

VMwares EVO:RAIL Race Update

I outlined some updates on where all VMware’s EVO:Rail Partners are currently in the Hyper Converged Infrastructure race. EVO:RAIL NEW Announcements: EMC [...]